Sql Injection Attack And Its Effects On The Security Threats

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With the advent of Internet, web applications have become a day to day feature in our lives. Also with the constant usage of online services increasing every day, there has been an equally growing concern regarding the security threats in web applications. One of the most common attacks exploiting the vulnerabilities of various types of applications along with web applications is through the Structured Query Language Injection Attack also known as SQL Injection Attack. Based on a recent study by OWASP, SQL injection attack has the highest rank in revealing web based vulnerabilities. One of the major motivation for the attacker to perform SQL injection attack is for retrieving all the contents from the database without any authorization or permission. It is a code injection technique where an attacker inserts a malicious query in the original legitimate SQL query. After the execution of the query, the attacker has the access to the database and can obtain, change, and update data for which he/she does not have any permission. In this paper we introduce and expound the SQL Injection attacks. Additionally, we present and discuss two SQL injection detection and prevention techniques in detail. First of which is utilizing query tokenization for tackling against SQL Injection (SQLI) attacks. The second one is a hidden web crawler technique which is an innovative process for discovering SQLI attacks. 2. Introduction SQL injection attack is one of the most common type of attack
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