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SQUARE CONSUMER PRODUCTS LTD. introduces itself as a member of SQUARE Group of Companies, a leading corporate house in Bangladesh which is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals, toiletries, consumer goods, textiles, spinning, knitting, packaging, printing etc. Their Flagship Company SQUARE PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. has already achieved an ISO 9001 certification and is holding the top position among all national and multinational pharmaceuticals companies in Bangladesh since 1985.
SQUARE CONSUMER PRODUCTS LTD. has started producing and marketing intrinsic quality of powdered spices (Like chilli, turmeric, cumin and coriander), mixed spices and some ethnic snacks (like Meat
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RADHUNI Powdered Spices has already owned the clear leadership in Bangladesh. Best varieties of quality raw materials are selected from the grower level strictly maintaining international quality standards. All essential volatile oils of the spices are kept intact with the fully equipped German grinding technology. Our Powdered Spices ensure the taste and flavor of home grinded quality spices.

Variants of Radhuni Powdered Spice A. Chilli:

Radhuni powdered Chilli is vivid in color, precious in flavor. Best variety of red chilli provides more hotness.

B. Turmeric:

Apart from having excellent antiseptic and antibacterial properties, it has a brilliant golden yellow color. C. Coriander:

Providing a fragrant flavor Radhuni Powdered Coriander is high in food value.

D. Cumin:

Provides the fresh aroma.

RADHUNI Meat Curry Masala
Radhuni Meat Curry Masala is riched mixed spices using ingredients like chili, turmeric, coriander, cumin, fenugreek etc to get the authentic taste of meat curry. This products is used as a complete spice for all kinds of meat cooking.

RADHUNI Fish Currry Masala
Radhuni Fish Curry Masala is a mixture of spices to get traditional taste of fish curry. Any kind of fish can be cooked with this spice.

Right proportion of each ingredient enhances the original taste.

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