Squash Yema

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There are many elements that constitute a diet in order for it to be considered nutritionally adequate; no single natural food supplies all needed elements. Vegetables are a big source of minerals and vitamins, particularly vitamin A; they come in rainbow colors and a medley of texture which brighten even a simple meal. When speed is required, raw vegetables qualify as “instant” (Worth, 1965). Vegetables, in the broadest sense, are any kind of plant life, or plant products; in the narrowest sense, they are fresh edible portion of herbaceous plants or plant parts that either consumed raw or cooked with the main course of the meal (Encyclopedia Britanica, Vol. 19, 1978). The popular distinction between vegetables and
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The results of this study on the acceptability is relative to the cost and nutrient content of the snack item may help individual prevent Vitamin A deficiency particularly in PNU – AC Community.

Statement of the Problem The study aimed to find out the acceptability of squash yema as sweet and snack item. Specifically, it aimed to answer the following questions:
1. What is the nutritive value of squash yema?
2. Do differences exist on the general acceptability responses of the:
a. type of respondents;
b. sex of respondents;
c. age of respondents;
3. Does the acceptability level of squash yema differ to the variety of squash used in the recipe?
Significance of the Study People depend on plants for food that is why they continue researching and experimenting food stuff out of plants. Food is important as oxygen in maintaining life. It is something that should not only alleviate hunger and nourish the body but it must also satisfy the human need for food. Thus, foods from plants are good sources of all nutrients needed by our body or the betterment of quality of life.
But with the advancements of today’s technology, processed foods became very rampant in the market and the intakes of plant foods were very much neglected. These foods were commonly called as instant foods. They became part of our meal planning, like our viands and snack items. They become ingredients to the recipe of those people who find difficulty in making meal because of their limited time.

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