Sr Project Busn 460 Cango Wk 6 Essay

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CanGo week 6
I have observed that CanGo is in the mists of making decisions on how to grow the company. They have found out that they cannot really fund all of the ideas they have for the growth. There was the suggestion to move employees around, or an IPO put in place or the company will never grow into anything bigger than what it is. They are focused on their competitions offerings and are worried they will be left behind if they don’t expand their offerings. Liz and Maria make a suggestion of moving employees down but are met with a debate that if they move the employees around it may cause problems in the long run. In part 2 of the video they decide to handle everything in-house, and begin talking of moving some of the warehouse to
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Maria says enough said, but warren ask Whitney how are you doing, Whitney right away asks what’s up? Maria tells Whitney that her and warren are starting to develop a new online venture and that they want her to cut back on her java programming for the online books and to work with Andrew and warren and some others to develop prototypes for the online gaming venture. Whitney asks develop? Warren says from scratch, Whitney asks if they are kidding, and then says she has some great ideas for it. Maria says good and with all the shuffling it will help the company to grow. Whitney ask about the online book site, warren says what about it, she tells him of the time spent on it and comments it is a lot better than it was months ago. Warren and Maria agree, and say that all the work is appreciated and that with the new ventures it will bring more money. Whitney says she thinks she can do both but also states that she has such little free time as it is. Warren cut her off and tells her to think about it. Whitney thanks them and appreciated the offer, but now wonders if she can do both.

1) Issue – The team wants to develop new ventures and wants to keep it in house. They realize that everyone has things that they are working on. They start thinking of pulling warehouse staff to assist with order fulfillment, but right away Maria says no that it is not cost efficient to outfit them with new hardware. The

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