Essay on Sr Rm 022 Part 1

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Service Request SR-rm-022 for Riordan Manufacturing Kalembo Pepito BSA375 August 27, 2012 Kimberly Frieder Service Request SR-rm-013 for Riordan Manufacturing Riordan Manufacturing COO Hugh McCauley is requesting the implementation of a modern, state-of-the-art information system to integrate all existing HR tools into a single application. To achieve the desired goal, a very detailed investigation needs to be performed, studying the actual processes that Riordan Manufacturing currently uses. Also, a series of stakeholders will provide the adequate feedback trough a series of face-to-face interviews and meticulous observation of their respective working environments. These tools will help create a system that will maximize time…show more content…
The next step to gather information will be trough the interviewing of the key stakeholders and end users inside Riordan Manufacturing. Based on Kendall & Kendall (2012) an information-gathering interview is a directed conversation with a specific purpose that uses a question-and-answer format. For this the analyst will need to prepare beforehand a series of question that will as specific as possible. Being ambiguous could result in a lost of time and money for the company. Preparing also will depending on the amount of time provided for the creation of the system application. Depending on this time, the interviews will be prioritized based on which stakeholder could provide the best data for the project. If enough time is given, then all stakeholders should be interviewed accordingly. To successfully gather information, the analyst needs to be professional and optimistic. Basic details that sometimes are overlooked could drastically change the input of the person being interviewed. First, the people to be interviewed need to be notified with enough time to prepare for the interview. (Satzinger, Jackson, & Burd, 2012) also explain on their text that details like dressing appropriately, arriving on time, setting limits for the interviews and clarifying doubts are consider best practices for any interview performed. The first key stakeholder that should be interviewed if possible should be Dr.
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