Sr-Rm-022 Part 1

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Riordan Manufacturing SR-rm-022 Bryan LeVau BSA/375 November 26, 2012 Ed Odjaghian Riordan manufacturing has requested an upgrade to their current human resources system. They currently have several disparate tools that are patched together in order to complete HR functions. Many Excel spreadsheets are used by different parts of HR, and combining all resources into one system can provide many time saving advantages and a more reliable system over all. By reviewing who the stakeholders are and what the best information-gathering techniques are we can ensure that we collect the information for the requirements and stay within the scope of the project. Stakeholders Identifying the key stakeholders is an important part of the…show more content…
Full implementation should be completed in six months. The boundaries are the human resource system. Crossing over into design or inclusion of other departments such as accounting or sales would be out of scope. The business requirements are that the system is to be a single system instead of the multiple tools they are using now. The other business requirement is more vague, only stating that they would like to take advantage of more sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology. Project feasibility is determining if the technical, economical, and operational factors of the project can be accomplished under the schedule given. Technical looks at what hardware and software are available compared to what the requirements of the project are. Economic compares the cost of the overall project to what is budgeted and what can be justified by potential financial returns. Operational factors examine if the system will receive support from the people that use it and make it work (“System Development Life Cycle”, 1998). In order to successfully accomplish the goal of integrating the variety of HR tools into a single system according to the service request of Riordan Manufacturing the first thing that must be done is recognizing the stakeholders. This provides the people that will give the best information. From there, using the best information gathering techniques for the situation will ensure that time is not wasted on
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