Sri Lank South Of Indian Sub Continent

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Sri Lanka is a country with very rich and vast cultural diversity that located in southern part of the Asia, an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean which is close to south of Indian sub-continent. The country has a very old history, which is dated to 2500years that made Sri Lank very rich in culture. It has a population of around 20 million with various cultures and languages. Sri Lanka was colonised by British, until 1948, for more than 200 years. Sri Lanka was known as Ceylon during the period of British regime. Later, it became an independent nation and, in 1978, Ceylon became a democratic socialist republic of Sri Lanka. Before the arrival of British, Portuguese and Dutch ruled several parts of the Sri Lanka and almost 900 years ago, Arabs came to do business in the Island. In the past, as an Island, It was easy for international traders to arrive to Sri Lankan shore because of its geographical structure. There for in Sri Lanka, there are many groups of people with different ethnicity and religion and, these all international societies’ culture and customs have influenced to current Sri Lankan culture and customs.
There are four main ethnic groups in Sri Lanka, which are Sinhalese, Sri Lankan Moors, Indian Tamil and Sri Lankan Tamil. Majority of the Sinhalese’ mother tongue is Sinhala. Around 73% of the population speak Sinhalese which is constitutionally one of the official languages in the Island. Rest of the population speak Tamil which is the oldest of Dravidian
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