Sri Lanka 's Tropical Climate

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Provide a basic overview of the country that the participant is competing in and any characteristics that may affect the competition or performance in the participant 's sport (i.e. location, climate, geography)

Located in Southern Asia, Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon) is an island found in the Indian Ocean, south east of India. Sri Lanka is home to a diverse range of religions, languages and ethnicities (Domros, 1998).
Sri Lanka’s tropical climate is described as quite hot. The client’s destination of Colombo is located in what is considered the wetlands. Warm, moist weather is present all year round, moderated by ocean winds. It is said that the yearly average temperature ranges from 28 to 30 °C with January being the coolest month, and May being the hottest period of the year. The monsoon season has an impact through the period of Mid-May to October. Intermonsoonal months occur in October and November, where tropical cyclones bring rainfall and overcast skies (CDKN, 2014). This period is of importance as the client is present in this Colombo from the 8th to the 15th of November.
In regards to the altitude/elevation of Colombo, Sri Lanka is 7 meters above sea level. In comparison to Auckland, New Zealand, of an altitude of 44 meters, there holds no hindering impact on the client.

Provide travel times associated with getting your participant to the country they are competing in (include transit/stop-over times and flight numbers).

Departure: Friday 6th November 2015
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