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Table of Contents

1.1 Purpose 1
1.2 Business Context 2
1.3 Scope 3
1.4 Definitions and Acronyms Used in this Document 4
1.5 References 5
1.6 Overview – The framework of Course Administration System (CAS) 6
2.1.1 System Interfaces 11
2.1.2 User Interfaces 11
2.1.3 Hardware Interfaces 11
2.1.4 Software Interfaces 13
2.1.5 Communication Interfaces 14
2.1.6 Memory Constraints 14
2.1.7 Operations 15
2.2 Product Functions 17
2.3 User Characteristics 19
2.4 Constraints 20
2.5 Assumptions and Dependencies 20
3. Specific Requirements 21
Appendix 22

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of the application is to integrate the administration of the course by providing information on the following in a user friendly manner to its four different
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Here the CAS Application

Client – The user end of a client-server architecture which depends upon the server computer to access resources.

Server - The server end of a client-server architecture which shares the resources in a computing environment to its clients.

Central Database – A database which is located at the central server which can be accessed by the clients connected in the network

GUI – Graphical User Interface allows the users to interact with the computer systems in visually. Similar to common Office applications

Network – A group of connected computers which access the resources in a network such as printer, applications in shared manner. The communication will be based upon a standard protocol

Protocol – A set of standards which rules the communication between two computer systems in a network

1.5 References

A Practitioner’s Approach to Software Engineering by Roger S Pressman
Software Engineering by Ian Somerville
IEEE Software Requirements Specification Template
Texas Instruments SRS Guidelines

Prof. Deepak Gupta, Amrita School of Business, for the requirements from the faculty side
Student’s Placement Committee, for the requirements from the placement cell side
Students, for the
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