Srs for Online Attendance Maintainance System

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

1. Purpose

2. Scope

3. Intended Audience

4. Definition, Acronyms, and Abbreviations

5. References

6. Technologies to be used

7. Overview

2. Overall Description

1. Product Perspective

2. Product Functionality

3. User and Characteristics

4. Operating Environment

5. Design and Implementation Constraints

6. User Documentation

7. Assumptions and Dependencies

3. Specific Requirements

1. User Interface

2. Software Interface

3. Hardware Interface

4. Communicational Interfaces

5. Functional Requirements

4. Behavior Requirements

4.1 Use Case View

5. Other
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For this application we have provided the following modules and features.

❖ Admin

o Add & Modify details of ▪ student ▪ faculty ▪ subject ❖ Office Staff o Generate various types of reports o Send notice to black listed students ❖ Faculty o Attendance on basis of ▪ subject ▪ day by day o Check various generated Reports
Existing system

The type of the system any institute uses always plays an important role in management of the institute. Better the form, efficiency and accuracy of the system, the easier would be the management tasks.

Since the existing Attendance Management System of the Institute is totally working manually. All the Information’s are handled manually in the registers or other documents.

The process of the work is mainly divided in two parts, first is to take attendance on sheet & enter details into the registers. And then at the end of the session or semester attendance is calculated manually & reports are generated.

Limitations of the Existing System

➢ The Current system is completely manual. So the wastage of time occur the most over here. In today’s circumstances where there is

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