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1. DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT OF COMPUTER NETWORKS UNIT I INTRODUCTION TO NETWORK MANAGEMENT 9 Overview of Analysis, Architecture and Design Process-System Methodology, Service methodology, Service Description - Service characteristics - Performance Characteristics - Network supportability - Requirement analysis – User Requirements – Application Requirements – Device Requirements – Network Requirements – Other Requirements - Requirement specification and map. UNIT II REQUIREMENTS ANALYSIS 9 Requirement Analysis Process – Gathering and Listing Requirements- Developing service metrics – Characterizing behavior – Developing RMA requirements – Developing delay Requirements - Developing capacity…show more content…
UNIT II OPTIMISATION ALGORITHMS 9 Optimization Problems-Graph Search Algorithms-Generic Search-Breadth-First Search- Dijkstra’s Shortest-Weighted-Path -Depth-First Search-Recursive Depth-First Search-Linear Ordering of a Partial Order- Network Flows and Linear Programming-Hill Climbing-Primal Dual Hill Climbing- Steepest Ascent Hill Climbing-Linear Programming-Recursive Backtracking-Developing Recursive Backtracking Algorithm- Pruning Branches-Satisfiability UNIT III DYNAMIC PROGRAMMING ALGORITHMS 9 Developing a Dynamic Programming Algorithm-Subtle Points- Question for the Little Bird- Subinstances and Subsolutions-Set of Substances-Decreasing Time and Space-Number of Solutions-Code. Reductions and NP-Completeness-Satisfiability-Proving NP-Completeness- 3-Coloring- Bipartite Matching. Randomized Algorithms-Randomness to Hide Worst Cases- Optimization Problems with a Random Structure. UNIT IV SHARED OBJECTS AND CONCURRENT OBJECTS 9 Shared Objects and Synchronization -Properties of Mutual Exclusion-The Mora l- The Producer–Consumer Problem -The Readers–Writers Problem-Realities of Parallelization- Parallel Programming- Principles- Mutual Exclusion-Time-

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