Srs for School Management System

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Student and Unit Management System (SUMS) – Registration Module

Version 1.0

Prepared by: Taeeb Ahmad

Prepared for: Islamia model school Shabqadar fort

This document contains the Software Requirements Specification (SRS) of an Online Project Marking System for the Islamia model school shabqadar fort. The main aim of this project is to add functionality to the existing SUMS system in order to provide an online facility for managing and registering student accounts.
This document has been prepared in accordance with the IEEE Std 830-1998, IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Requirements Specifications [IEEE 1998].
1. Introduction

This Software Requirement Specification is
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If system error, it should provide the contact methods. The page should display the project process in different colour to clearly reflect the various states that student done. Each level of user will have its own interface and privilege to manage and modify the project information such as supervisor able to monitor/manage his student progress and make comment on it, student can change his detail, view the progress, submit project idea. The System should provide a feedback form for all users to give comments or asking questions. It should provide a FAQ to minimize the workload of system administrator.
2.1.3. Hardware interfaces

a. Server Side
The web application will be hosted on one of the department’s Linux servers and connecting to one of the school Oracle Database server. The web server is listening on the web standard port, port 80.

b. Client Side
The system is a web based application; clients are requiring using a modern web browser such as Mozilla Firebox 1.5, Internet Explorer 6 and Enable Cookies. The computer must have an Internet connection in order to be able to access the system.
2.1.4. Software interfaces

a. Server Side
The IMS already has the required software to host a Java web application. An Apache Web server will accept all requests from the client and forward SUMS specific requests to Tomcat 5.5 Servlet Container with J2EE 5.0 and Strut 1.2.8 hosting SUMS. A development database will be hosted locally (using MySQL); the production
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