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DUTY PERFORMANCE: SPC Rivert, during this month, you have demonstrated enthusiasm and a positive attitude in every task that was given to you. In this month, you were involved in purging F 311 and taking it to the Wash-Rack to clean it out in order for it to be shipped to the National Training Center (NTC). Good Job in doing that. In addition, during the absence of a Team Leader and Section SGT this month, you have taken initiative and stepped up to Responsibilities and got all Fuel mission and Tasking for our section completed. You also supported are a great Team-Player for our General Supply Section. You are motivated and proved to be a valuable vehicle operator during multiple trips to the wash-racks to clean up our vehicles. You assisted in cleaning and reorganizing Distro's Connex for property lay-out and Change of Command inventory. Your positive and high-minded attitude is very noticeable. or whatelse needs to be done for the day. If you find something that needs to be fixed, take the initiative and fix it and let me know. Don't always wait on your NCO to tell you. Continue to drive-on and stay motivated. SPC Rivert, your performance for the month of August was great. I encourage you to ask more questions in order to gain more tactical as well as technical knowledge. You have a great work ethic, Keep up the Good Work!…show more content…
As your Section Sergeant, I will push you to reach maximum potential, however, it takes determination and dedication from you in order to accomplish that goal. I would like to see you strive and continue to improve your PT score for your own good. For one, a high PT score will definitely set you apart from your peers; Second, PT score is the very first think they look at when it comes to waiver for promotion; and third it is also worth promotion points. Aim and Strive to score at least 250 on your APFT. ln order to achieve more in your Physical Fitness, you have to give 100% effort during Regular
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