Ssd2 Entry 2

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The Learner and the Learning

Entry 2: Learning Differences
The teacher uses the understanding of differences in individuals, cultures, and communities to ensure inclusive learning environments that enable each learner to meet rigorous standards.

Summary of Artifacts
The artifacts used are two multicultural lesson plans I developed to follow a multicultural diverse classroom which included twenty-five students. Of the twenty-five students, five were English Language Learning students and two had disabilities.

• Artifact 1, “Our Classroom Family Tree,” is a multicultural lesson plan written for a Kindergarten English and Language Arts class and combines speaking and listening standards with Art. It includes art templates and handouts for the lesson.

• Artifact 2, “Voice of Pride and Patriotism,” is a multicultural lesson plan written for a 5th Grade Social Studies class and combines Social Studies and English and Language Arts standards to introduce students to the use of symbolism through the use of national anthems to define a country’s people and culture. It also uses the integration of music to explore similarities in defining their national identity. It also
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As a future teacher, one of the ways I can accomplish and promote inclusion is to develop lesson plans which positively promote multicultural diversity. By including cultural differences and similarities, I will be helping my students understand and appreciate how to be respectful of others culture as well as supporting and demonstrating an equitable learning environment for all students learning experiences. Promoting equity and diversity in the classroom are essential in ensuring my students will be able to thrive and develop values and attitudes to survive in a multicultural society. They learn to celebrate their uniqueness in ways that foster harmony and
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