Ssg Arroa 's Squad At Fort Indiantown Gap

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SSG Arroa’s squad moved cautiously down the path that the Sergeant had marked to the main gate at Fort Indiantown Gap. The rest of the first platoon had held back as well as the company to provide cover for the advancing squad. SSG Arroa had cleared about a hundred yards past the main gain without any problems. They encountered no resistance, but several booby-traps, which they disabled. Their orders were that once they were able to breach the main gate, they were to begin to remove the barricades, which consisted of everything but the kitchen sink, several cars that had been pushed into the front of the gate, chairs, benches, large rocks, mounds of dirt, and a couple of desks. SSG Arroa sent Corporal Reyes to his Platoon Sergeant and told him to send more men to help clear the barricade. There was no way he could provide security for him and his men as well as move everything out of the way. SFC Dittmyer was the Platoon Sergeant; the man was not a great thinker and a very poor leader. He had decided to send one more squad to help SSG Arroa; why the entire platoon didn’t move was lost on SSG Arroa. Once they had cleared the gate everyone was supposed to move through it so why wait. However, SSG Arroa knew it wasn’t his job to wonder why the Army did things. His job was to execute his orders to the best of his ability. Second Squad led by SSG Dane moved out of their position in the woods running toward the main gate, down the path and meeting up with first squad.

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