Ssg Rawlins Research Paper

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Two miles out from the camp First squad made contact with an element of the Army of the Southern States of America. It was an unknown size, and the squad had stumbled on them and was able to pull back quickly and take cover before being spotted. SSG Rawlins pulled his squad back as quick as he could, without signaling to the enemy they were there. SSG Rawlins was looking for high ground that had good cover and concealment. He wanted a place where he could spy the enemy and collect intel, he looked around for a few moments, “There at our fifteen hundred.” SSG Rawlins pointed at it. SGT Hammerston looked through his binoculars toward where SSG Rawlins was pointing. He scanned the area, “It looks good Staff Sergeant, but it’s going to take some doing to get over there.” SSG Rawlins acknowledged that the Sergeant was correct, “Roger that, let’s get moving.” The squad moved slowly through the brush in order not to attract any undue…show more content…
When SSG Rawlins and first squad moved to the enemy location after the bombing they found hundreds dead, not one person was left alive. It was a sad day for first squad realizing they had called in a bombing strike on their homeland, the first mass casualties of the war. It would take some time for the squad to be able to rationalize what happened. Yet, they were Soldiers and would follow the orders they were given. First squad returned to the Divisions perimeter, SSG Rawlins sent his squad to get cleaned up, clean their weapons and get some chow. He reported to Captain Miller to be debriefed, if the CO needed to speak with any of the other squad members, which was unlikely, they would be
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