Ssg Schumacher : A Legacy Leader

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Legacy Leader – Major Robert Rogers SSG Schumacher, John P. SLC Class 15-005 Purpose The purpose of this paper is to address how I, SSG Schumacher, have identified Major Robert Rogers as a legacy leader and a leader of influence in my military career as a non-commissioned officer and member of the military intelligence community. This paper will cover three main topics in which I will first discuss a brief history of the life of Major Rogers. Then, his impact on the evolution of warfare and leadership attributes on the United States Army. Finally, I will discuss how his leadership attributes led to him making an impact on the military today and Soldiers such as myself. The Life of Major Robert Rogers Major Robert Rogers was born in Colonial Massachusetts in 1731 and later moved to rural New Hampshire with his family. It was here where he learned many traits that would make him successful later in life such as hunting, trapping and learning Indian tactics from past Indian attacks. During King George’s War (1744-1748), Robert Rogers served as a private in two scouting companies serving in Merrimack River Valley in New Hampshire (McNab, C. 2013). Later, during the French and Indian War 1754-1763), the then Major Rogers recruited nine companies of American colonists to fight for the British as Ranger units (Ranger Training Brigade, 2006). Additionally, Major Rogers was tasked to command a company of men charged with the task of raiding deep into

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