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A Look at the Modern Institutions of the World

Western Governors University

In this paper I will be discussing the characteristics of a modern nation-state, the European Union, and a couple of the foreign policies of the United States. By the end of this paper there should be an understanding of what makes a modern nation-state and also some examples of countries that are either a nation or state. To understand what a nation-state is, you must first understand what both a state and a nation truly are in today’s world. A state is an entity that is responsible for both the country and the country’s citizens. A state has predefined borders that lay out what land it controls and also has sovereignty to a ruling power. A
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The USA is known around the world as a multi-cultural nation that where people can speak out their feelings and practice whatever religion they desire. These cultural elements helped to designate the USA as a nation. The American people embrace their ability to exercise their freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom to elect their officials on a regular basis. You can see these freedoms being exercised on a normal basis on the news when people speak out in protest against something or exercise their religious beliefs without persecution by the government. It is these types of things that label the people in the USA as Americans.
The USA is also very big into foreign affairs and assisting other countries. These foreign policies and objectives vary in the different regions and specific countries. One of the foreign policies that the USA was involved in was helping defend the people of Libya during their time of great strife. Another one of the foreign policies that the USA is currently working on is helping bring peace between Israel and Palestine. (Foreign Policy, 2013)
The European Union, henceforth referred to as EU, was founded to help bring peace and stability across Europe. Some of the most significant members of the EU include the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Italy, and Greece.
The EU was started in 1940s

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