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THE MAKING OF THE NATIONAL MOVEMENT: 1870s – 1947 Q1. Define nationalism? Ans. The feeling of oneness and unity among the people of a nation or patriotic feeling, principles and policy of national independence is termed as nationalism. Q2. What were the factors that led to the rise of national consciousness among the people of India? Ans. The factors that led to the rise of national consciousness among the people of India were:  Political associations came into being in the 1870s and 1880s:Most of these were led by English –educated professionals such as lawyers. The more important ones were the Poona Servajanik Sabha, the Indian Association, the Madras Mahajan Sabha, the Bombay Presidency Association and the Indian National Congress. …show more content…
 The wanted to divide Hindus from Muslims. Q9. What was the result of the partition of Bengal? Ans. The portion of Bengal infuriated people all over India:  All sections of the Congress – the Moderates and the Radicals, as they may be called - opposed it.  Large public meetings and demonstrations were organised and novel methods of mass protest developed.  The struggle that unfolded came to be known as the Swadeshi move ment, strongest in Bengal but with echoes elsewhere too – in deltaic Andhra for instance, it was known as the Vandemataram Movement. Q10. What do you understand by the term – ‘Swadeshi Movement’? Ans. The word ‘Swadeshi’ comes from twp words – ‘ s wa’ and ‘desh’ which means ones own country. The Swadeshi Movement sought to appose British rule and in courage the ideas of self – help, Swadeshi enterprise, national education, and use of Indian languages. To fight for swaraj the radicals advocated mass mobilization and boycott of British institutions and goods. Q11. Who were the revolutionaries? Ans. The revolutionaries were a small group of people who suggested that the use of violence to make a radical change within the society would be necessary to overthrow British rule. Q12. When was the Muslim league formed and what were its demands? Ans. A groups of Muslim landlords and Nawabs formed the All India Muslim league at Dacca in 1906. The

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