St. Albanshurst: A Short Story

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"Boys! Hurry up! We're going to be late!" I remember it all so vividly. It was August of 1911. My two boys, Rossmore and Eugene, and I were moving to St. Albanshurst, England from Providence, Rhode Island to live with my mother. Stanton, my former husband, had filed a divorce earlier that year, and I figured that my mother could help me take care of the boys until I got on my feet again. We were preparing to board the Olympic for our journey to St. Albanshurst. "Right this way ma'am. Do you need any help with your bags?" said a crew member with a friendly smile on his face. "Oh, yes, that would be great. Thank you!" I said. During our journey, Rossmore and Eugene were constantly asking to go to the swimming pool. Every single day, I would take…show more content…
"Hello boys!" she said to Rossmore and Eugene. "Hi grandma!" they replied. After a very short stay, my boys and I soon realized that all we longed for was to move back to Providence. I booked us a passage as 3rd class passengers back to the States on a ship named the Titanic. Everyone said that it was unsinkable. That quickly changed. I soon learned that my cabin was extremely close to who would become one of my closest friends, Amy Stanley. Amy would become a very important part of my life, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Much like our time on the Olympic, our experience on the Titanic was rather uneventful. At least, until the night of April 14, 1912. As I was drifting off to sleep, I felt as if the uncomfortable, tiny bed beneath me was shaking. I peeked outside of my tiny room and asked a crew member what was happening. "Everything is fine ma'am." he said, but I soon learned that everything was not fine. I woke up the boys, and we followed the sounds of commotion that came from the deck above. As we were climbing the stairs, I felt the floor shift then lean to the right. "Come on!" I shouted to Rossmore and Eugene who were very confused and scared. "We're trying," said Eugene. When we reached the deck we were met by a mob of loud, angry
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