St. Augustine And Confucius

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Both St. Augustine’s Confessions and Confucius’s Analects are significant teachings that have influenced people around the world not only in ancient times but in current history as well. Both doctrines provide discussion on the ethical values of society back in the ancient time they were written and lead us to discover similarities between the two beliefs. Although we find these connections, there are significant differences between St. Augustine and Confucius’s views on life and beliefs since they were living in different time periods and environments. Their experiences are the influencers that have impacted to the way that philosophies and traditions have grown today between the West and the East. I agree that Confucius celebrated social…show more content…
In St. Augustine’s Confessions, Augustine explains how his parents give up a lot for him and his education. Although his father was acknowledged for his financial attribution to Augustine’s education, he never cared if his sons character would mature through the educational system. St. Augustine’s dad paid more than a richer man would pay for their son’s education because he wanted to provide Augustine with the proper education. (Confessions, II, 5). St. Augustine showed very little respect toward his father but had a great deal of respect to his mother, Monica, since she was a practicing Christian (II,60). In spite of his respect for her as a Christian, Augustine criticized his mother for getting in the way of his sexual desire (II,8). But his father arranged his marriage and encouraged him to have children (II,6). Unlike Confucius’s teachings of remaining reverent to your parent, Augustine openly criticized his family’s wrong doings because God was his heart and only truth (II,5).
The Analects and Confessions share different views in the belief about one’s self and the truth. Confucius understood that the Truth of life, Ren, was the heart of goodness (Confessions, II,5). Under the teachings of Confucius, there was not one specific God, instead, Confucius focused on the man himself and the way his character developed as he matured within the society. He believed “It is Man who is capable of broadening the Way. It
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