St. Augustine 's Confessions Essay

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Faith, it is the complete trust or confidence in someone or something. We as humans can only define it as that because we cannot tangibly grasp faith, or even understand it as we do our emotions. It can be as overwhelming as love and yet there may not be a reason or an understanding to why we have it or put our faith into someone or something. The only way to describe it is through the claim faith and reason are compatible. This claim is examined in the stories, Genesis, as God creates human beings to live amongst his other creations but to have free reign over the land, the Romans & Corinthians, as even Jesus’ faith was to put to the test, and it is deeply explored in St. Augustine’s Confessions. Furthermore, the compatibility of faith and reason is seen in The Book of Matthew as Jesus travels the lands of Israel blessing them with his own faith. Faith and reason would not be attainable if it weren’t for our triune God subtly giving us the knowledge we need to make decisions on our own. Genesis describes the creation of the world, and even more so, the creation of human beings. One thing that can’t be traced back to a prior source is this world, and us besides at the hand of a God, and I believe this is where faith and reason coexist. Of course faith and reason are both in this world, but it is about finding a unity between the two. It is said that God created humans as a mirror image of himself, obviously much less powerful, but we still had free reign over the earth and
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