St. Augustine 's Confessions

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Saint Augustine’s “Confessions” is an extremely important book, not only for the reason it is the very first, or one of the first spiritual biographies, but because Augustine was and continues to be one of the most important Christian theologians in history. His biography reflects his views on Christian scripture and theology as well as his personal journey on how he came to be a part of the Christian faith. Some noteworthy parts of his biography are; how he becomes a Manichean, when he meets Faustus and Bishop Ambrose, when he repudiates Manichaeism and gives up his career to devote himself to god and finally, how he discusses how Christian scripture can and should be interpreted. “Confessions” allows people to see Augustine as a man and a human being who had to struggle to find himself just as we all must do. Even one of the greatest theologians and greatest thinkers in history had to find his way in life, intellectually, spiritually and emotionally; all which are demonstrated in his biography. Augustine was attending school in Carthage at the time he became involved with the Manichaean tradition. His studies in school were originally in law but during his studies he found a deep love for philosophy and decided to change his focus in school. His studies in philosophy eventually led him to study the Bible. However, he was not pleased with literary style in the Bible stating in his biography that “when I then turned toward the scriptures, they appeared to me to be quite
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