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The Catholic Church has many people who went to the peripheries. These people went out of there way to help people who needed them the most. They helped in churches across the world, gave supplies to the poor, and asked God to help the people who are sick and in need of assistance. Even if people made fun of them and shut them out of their community, they listened to Gods word and did what they thought Jesus would do.

St. Bernadette was born on January 7, 1844, in Lourdes, France. She suffered from asthma at a young age. When she was fourteen years old, she went with her little sister and a friend to get fire wood. When they arrived, Bernadette saw a lady floating over a bush. Bernadette immediately knelt down and started praying the rosary.
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They said that the water had cured many peoples' sicknesses. Bernadette believed that the water was blessed by Mary. A few months later, Bernadette had a church built on the site where she saw the Lady and named it The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes. Many other churches had been built around it including the Basilica of St. Pius X.

IN 1866, Bernadette joined The Sisters of Charity. She spent the rest of her life working as an infirmary assistant. She also made cloths and vestments for churches. A nun once asked her, "Do you ever have temptations of pride because you are favored by the Blessed Mother?" bernadette answered, " How can I? The Blessed Virgin chose me only because I was the most ignorant." She was diagnosed with tuberculosis of the bone in her right knee and was unable to walk. She died on April 16, 1879, while praying the holy rosary.

I chose St. Bernadette because I felt like she did a lot for the Catholic community. She helped the people in her town have faith that God is real. When i was searching for a saint to do this project on, i saw that St. Bernadette was the patron saint of the Catholic Church. She was canonized in 1933. I believe that Bernadette was a very special saint because Mary picked her for a reason. Mary saw potential in her and knew that she would do great things for the
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