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St. Francis and the Franciscan Admonitions Francis of Assisi was born in 1181, and was taught to read and write in Latin as a young boy. In 1205 Francis had a vision; this vision was interpreted to be a message from God to repair the church. After renouncing all of his belongings and receiving blessings from the pope, Francis set out to preach with his new order of monks, known as the Franciscans. To preserve the religious vocations of his brothers, Francis created the Admonitions. They were written during the foundational period of the Franciscan order. The Admonitions are instructions created to emphasize important virtues such as obedience, poverty, and humility. In “Perfect and Imperfect Obedience” Francis speaks of the Lord’s…show more content…
The poor in spirit are those who are conscious of their sins and know in their hearts that they are completely unworthy of the grace that God pours down upon them. Being lost and filled with sin. The kingdom of heaven is theirs because they readily confess to God that they are unworthy. In chapters “The Humble Religious”,” Compassion for One’s Neighbor”, and “Patience” Francis main focus is on the virtues of humility and obedience towards one’s acquaintance. Those with humility seek to discover what others have to offer. They are intrigued by how others think, and how others feel differently from them. One should not expect more from his neighbor than that of what he himself offers to God. Patience can be defined as one’s ability to endure delay or remain calm when faced with difficulty. “A man has as much patience as he does then and no more” . As written in Francis’ Admonitions “Patience”, patience can only be tested when one is in a situation of discomfort and hardship . Another chapter in Admonitions is “Good Works Must Follow Knowledge.” In this chapter Francis gives a deeper explanation to Saint Paul’s “the letter kills, but the spirit gives life” . As Saint Paul’s explanation can seem vague, Francis gives us a more understanding viewpoint. The letter alone brings condemnation to the person who rejects it. However, when the Spirit in a person’s heart accompanies this letter,

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