St Francis De Sales School Mission Statement

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Introduction Setting organizational goals and deciding how to accomplish them is key to the success of any organization. Organizations should begin their strategic planning process by determining the company’s vision and developing a mission statement. In an overview of the Strategic planning at Saint Francis de Sales Schools, this paper will identify five criteria’s that are essential to developing a meaningful and quality vision and mission statement. Utilizing these criteria’s, this paper will develop the vision and mission statements for the Saint Francis de Sales School, and provide an analysis and rustication why these statements are right for this organization. Background In an analysis of Saint Francis de Sales Schools SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats), the school has determined that the changing environment, developing concerns over extracurricular activities, advancements in technology, and the shift in demographic has contributed to a steady decline in their enrollments (Klag, Giroux & Langley, 2012). As a result, the school officials developed a strategic plan to sustain the area’s they are sufficient in while improving in the area’s they are not. Saint Francis de Sales Schools, understands that parents have options when considering school choices for their children, and realize they must implement new and improved qualities to their academic programs that will them to remain competitive. The school’s first task was to create a mission statement that will guide the strategic process. With their mission statement written and unanimously approved, it is time for the organization to continue its strategic process. However, in a review of their mission statement, it appears that the overall statement is not congruent with the SWOT’s that the school need to work on. As a result, the vision and mission statements for Saint Francis de Sales Schools have been rewritten in hopes of providing a better correlation between its vision, mission and SWOT’s Five Criteria for Mission Statement A mission statement summarizes what an organization does and why. It helps set the tone of the organization and identifies its purpose, values, and goals (McGowan, 2012). A mission serves as a
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