St. Francis Health System

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Portfolio Project Penrose St. Francis health system was founded in 1887 by Sister Mary Huberta. The hospital now operates two major hospitals along with multiple urgent and community centers. The hospital system has been awarded America’s top 50 Hospitals health grade from 2008-2015 in multiple areas of care. Alongside this award the system has won many different awards both nationally and locally. The system is known for multiple types of care including Ambulatory services, Cancer treatment, and various types of specialized surgeries. The health care system only has one local competitor, a state run hospital system that includes two campuses. There is no limit to the types of consumers that the health care system treats. St. Francis…show more content…
This downsizing will make way for a brand new 750,000 square feet facility. One of the newest additions to the health care system is the partnership with is Children’s hospitals. Children’s hospital dropped their agreement with Penrose competitor and has plans to build a new facility that is attached to one of Penrose main hospitals. SWOT Analysis Penrose St. Francis is one of the largest health care systems in Southern Colorado. The health care system is overseen by Catholic Health Initiatives. The health care system employs over 15,000 employees and includes two main campuses in Colorado Springs. One of the biggest strengths of Penrose St. Francis is the history of quality care and service. Penrose St. Francis was founded on helping the community and those who could not afford care. According to Healthgrades (2015) Penrose St. Francis has been ranked one of the top 50 hospitals in the U.S for eight years in a row. According to the Gazette (2015) the health care system is looking to build a new 775,000 square foot facility in the near future. The healthcare has had some major changes in the last 5 years. The health care system closed two of its older facilities to make room for a newly built hospital. One of the South facilities that closed has left a major gap in city coverage. Residents of the southern area are now more likely to use their competitor’s facility in that area. The systems main campus in the downtown area is in need of many
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