St. Francis Health System

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Penrose St. Francis health system was founded in 1887 by Sister Mary Huberta. The hospital now operates two major hospitals along with multiple urgent and community centers. The hospital system has been awarded America’s top 50 Hospitals health grade from 2008-2015 in multiple areas of care. Alongside this award the system has won many different awards both nationally and locally. The system is known for multiple types of care including Ambulatory services, Cancer treatment, and various types of specialized surgeries. The health care system only has one local competitor, a state run hospital system that includes two campuses. There is no limit to the types of consumers that the health care system treats.
St. Francis hospital merges with Penrose Hospital in 1989 creating Penrose St. Francis Health Services. One of the oldest facilities, St Francis Hospital closed in 2010 due to a new facility completion in 2008. The new facility would carry the St. Francis Hospital name and included a half a million square feet state of the art facility. The system now consists of two major facilities and 7 local urgent cares. St. Francis and the Main hospital have seen great amounts of growth in the last 5 years. St. Francis was constructed with different areas of expansion which have all been filled. The Penrose main campus is in the middle of a major transition. The main campus will start to downsize in the next few years to only an emergency department, cancer center,…

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