St. Francis Xavier Research Paper

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St. Francis Xavier was born in Navarre on the 7th of April in 15 06. He died off the China coast on December 2nd 1552. His feast day is on December 3rd. he lived in the castle of Xavier in Navarre during his childhood. After he completed his schooling in Spain, he moved to Paris, where he went to college at college de Saint-barbe. While he was there he met St. Ignatius Loyola who was trying to get people to join the society of Jesus. At first St. Francis Xavier ridiculed him but after his roommate went on a trip, he started talking to St. Ignatius and made a friend out of him and decided to join his order that he was trying to start. After This he went to Venice with St. Ignatius Loyola. There he showed Zeal for taking care of the sick in hospitals. Next,…show more content…
The first year they spent there, they tried to learn as much of the Japanese language as possible with the help of Han-Sir. After St. Francis Xavier learned the Japanese language, he began to preach and catechize to the Japanese people. St. Francis Xavier had just began to convert people, when the converts attracted the attention of the bonzes who did not like St. Francis Xavier Teaching, so they banished him from the city. After being kicked out St. Francis Xavier traveled to the center of Japan and began preaching the gospel there. He continued moving from city to city until he reached the capital city, Meaco. When St. Francis Xavier was inside the capitol he began preaching. This time he was unable to make converts because of the dissensions rending the country. St. Francis Xavier retraced his steps back to the center of Japan and started preaching there again and starting up Christian communities which increased rapidly. After evangelizing for two years in Japan, St. Francis Xavier left the work he had completed for his companions to take over and traveled back to Goa to settle a disagreement. While a compromise was being arranged, St. Francis Xavier turned his
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