St. Jessica's Urban Medical Center

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Performance management systems benefit stakeholders at every level if they are implemented successfully. Performance management systems align employee performance with the strategic direction set by the organization. St. Jessica’s Urban Medical Center’s leadership must perform specific actions, prior to implementing the new performance management system, to ensure it is a success. The organization's leadership must disseminate the information throughout the company, create a process that ensures employees can dispute ratings, train raters to evaluate employees and gain buy-in from early adopters (Aguinis, 2013). A newly implemented performance management system will fail if the proper steps are not taken in the beginning.
St. Jessica’s Urban Medical Center should consider creating a communication plan as the first priority of implementing the new performance management system. Conversations with employees and managers and employees show negative biases associated with performance management systems. The communications should define performance management, explain how performance management fits St. Jessica’s Urban Medical Center, highlight employee benefits of the system, define responsibilities of different employees, and make a connection between performance management and
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Jessica’s Urban medical Center should focus on training raters as the third priority of implementing a new performance management system. Participants in the performance management system should undergo a variety of training to develop skills needed to successfully implement the system (Aguinis, 2013). Participants should undertake rater error training, frame of reference training, behavioral observation training, self-leadership training and self-efficacy training. Once the training is complete, participants will be expected to incorporate a combination of techniques when performing ratings. These training will empower participants to avoid making errors during the
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