St Joan Of Arc Research Paper

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Although most Catholics cannot become martyrs or sacrifice everything for the love of God, such as Saint Joan of Arc accomplished, there are other methods by which Catholics can please God immensely, such as the “little way” of Saint Therese of Lisieux. The greatest Catholic sacrifice is to give up one’s life for the love of God, as Saint Joan of Arc and many other saints have done. However, since the average Catholic cannot sensibly give up their life for God, it is better to follow a more realistic path. Instead, Catholics may follow St. Therese of Lisieux, who practiced her “little way,” which brought her closer to God in her everyday tasks. Although most Catholics cannot obtain God’s complete satisfaction through martyrdom, as St. Joan did, they may follow the example of St. Therese of Lisieux, who displayed, through her simplicity in life, her own version of perfect satisfaction. Partially due to the time period in…show more content…
When St. Joan of Arc was called by St. Michael and St. Catherine to save France, she did everything in her power to follow their commands, even though she was a mere peasant girl. In the end, Joan accomplished the goal of restoring France its rightful king, however, she was then captured by her enemies and burned at the stake. In contrast, although St. Therese could not become a martyr for her faith, she demonstrated that one could please God immensely through absolute devotion. St. Therese devised a “little way,” through which she performed each of her daily tasks for the love of God, offering up her hardships up without any complaint. Although St. Joan’s sacrifice, physically fighting, might seem greater than “the little way,” Therese’s mental and physical sufferings in her daily tasks were quite a burdensome sacrifice as
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