St John 's Lutheran Church

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St John’s Lutheran Church, Ipswich, was built in 1961 after the designs of architect Karl Langer as the primary church for the Lutheran community in Ipswich. It is home to a very active parish that incorporates both modern and traditional rites.
The Ipswich region was home to the Yagara peoples during centuries previous to European colonisation, and the area was occupied by the Jagera, Yuggera and Ugarapul clans. (Community & Cultural Services Department, 2015).
The area was firstly explored by John Oxley shortly after the establishment of the penal settlement of Moreton Bay, first in Redcliffe and now in current-day Brisbane, in 1824. The area was developed after 1826 with the establishment of Limestone Station, which became a common stop in the road between Brisbane and the Darling Downs (Ipswich City Council, 2016a).
The region was open to free settlers in 1842, with the township of Ipswich established in 1843 (Ipswich City Council, 2016b). From that date onwards, the town competed in importance with neighbouring Brisbane, its economy being based around the extraction of limestone and coal, as well as farming. (Erbacher, 2016). In 1860, Ipswich was officially proclaimed a municipality and it became a Customs port. Four years later, the state government decided to open the Ipswich railway workshops as a pioneer technological centre, event which would result in the construction of the first railway line of the state, opened in 1867 between Ipswich and Grandchester…
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