St. John's Newfoundland: A Case Study

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Research Design
As this study aims to explore leisure satisfaction in long-term care in St. John's Newfoundland, the study will take place in a long-term care facility in the city. The criteria for the facility is they must have a majority of their residents be part of the aging population and they must have an intensive recreation and leisure program. The facility should employ multiple leisure professionals who implement programs based on different theories and models of leisure and aging, such as the leisure ability model or the leisure and wellbeing model. Due to these requirements, Pleasantview Towers long-term care facility run by Eastern Health in St. John's was chosen. The residents in this facility are level 3 or 4 care, meaning they
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For the purpose of this study the researcher will observe the leisure programs and take notes. The first part of this process will be taking note of observations, which includes where the activity takes place, who is running it, how many participants have shown up, and the level of participation. The researcher will note any differences in the environment from previous sessions as well in order to analyze what made participants engage more or less than previous sessions. Badenhorst (2008) suggests that the researcher should also take pictures or drawings of the room so long as the participants and leisure professional have given permission. This is to be better able to reflect on the situation when it comes time to analyze the data (Badenhorst, 2008). During this process the researcher needs to be as detailed as possible, were the participants smiling during the session? Were the participants socializing? What was being said during the socialization? Every participant in the room needs to be written about from the beginning of the session until the end of the session (Badenhorst, 2008). It is important to note if something happened that might impact their participation, for example, did they have a medical procedure that morning that affected their participation that afternoon? When taking notes the researcher needs…show more content…
179). This is an important statement as it means the researcher needs to start thinking about how they will analyze their data before they even collect it. In order to properly analyze the data, the researcher should transcribe each interview and then compare it to their observations and journal (Badenhorst, 2008). When analyzing the data the researcher must keep in mind the research questions, and create themes through the data that relate to the research question. First, the researcher will analyze each session together, coming up with keynotes and themes from the observations, interviews, and journals (Anderson & Austin, 2012). Once that is analyzed, each piece from each session will then be compared with each other. For example did participants enjoy the program in session 1 but not by session 5? Why did this happen? Was the program too repetitive? Was it the same thing over and over? Was there a different instructor? After the analysis is done the researcher must put the data into a legible discussion
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