St Johns Prep Essay

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Another great thing about St John’s Prep is the vast array of extracurricular activities and clubs offered with encouragement by Prep staff and teachers. When in need of an emotional lift, students may visit the Laughing Club for a chuckle and jovial connection. Looking for a different type of lift, students can literally take off with the aviation club. While some clubs focus solely on the idea of enjoying yourself, connecting with friends, and breaking from the hustle of school life, others focus on developing skills, passions, or hobbies that students continue to pursue for many years. For example, the investment club teaches students important life lessons about the stock market and making educated and smart investments. Even more so, this club prepares students for a lifetime of student…show more content…
Cliches, common at most high schools, often categorize and exclude students with unique interests and talents for being “weird”. Whereas, at St. John’s students genuinely appreciate the unique gifts present in each of their fellow classmates. Encouraged to feel compassion for fellow classmates and others, Prep student learn the benefits of considering the needs of others and helping were needed. As such, no one should feel alone at the prep with the support of their brothers ever present. Starting at a new school can be terrifying, especially when it comes to finding a group to sit with at lunch. While at lunch with his friends, one student noticed a boy sitting alone. He asked the boy to sit with them, and from that simple compassionate gesture, a close friendship developed. At the Prep students develop a network of friends within the community, a network not restrained by the boundaries of a cliche, but instead as diverse as their individual interests. Friends who celebrate each other's success and support each other’s needs, friends who will be present and who will not
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