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Goals Based on the Risk Assessment, St. Joseph’s Medical Center establishes goals on an annual basis to reflect the current trends and environmental factors noted through the completion of the assessment. At a minimum, the following goals are established every year: 1. Infection Control interventions are based on accepted, relevant guidelines; 2. Sound scientific principles and practices are used to reduce infections and related adverse outcomes; 3. The Infection Control Department will strive to limit unprotected exposure to pathogens throughout the organization through enforcement and enhancement of hand hygiene practices that have been implemented within the organization; 4. Methods to minimize the risk of transmission of…show more content…
Ebola is spread by body fluids such as blood, spit and vomit. Though most hospitals are putting these patients in negative pressure rooms that don’t share air with the room next door, hospitals could easily isolate an Ebola patient in a regular room, Bartleson said. The key is identifying possible cases up front. Symptoms include fever, headache, joint and muscle aches, weakness, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain and abnormal bleeding. Risk is higher for people who have traveled to West Africa; otherwise, it may depend on personal health status. INTRODUCTION The objectives of this program are to provide information on the selection and use of PPE in healthcare settings and to allow time for participants to practice the correct way to don and remove PPE. The Infection Control Committee is responsible for all aspects of the Infection Prevention and Control Program, including implementation, monitoring, enforcement, evaluation, and quality improvement activities. Through its Chairperson, Dr. Stephen Connolly, it has the authority to institute and approve appropriate control measures or studies when it is reasonably felt that there is a danger to patients or personnelThe mission of the Infection Control program is to establish and maintain accepted infection control practices that encompass all departments and involves employees and other care
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