St Justin Center And A Good Network Of Improvement

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: 1 Established Network of Improved Communities Fortunately, St Justin center had already established a good network of improvement as Sister Margaret notified in her letter with: “Several local communities, such as church related groups, individuals and government officials [who] visit the children and support the center” where it is located. The community involvement has become the powerful support and protection of the center, for example, one of the center’s friends shared how it once happened that sailing thieves went from the lake trying to snip of produce from the garden. Heroically, fishermen from the community area fought and drove them away, sending them a signal that they would not be allowed to unjustly reap from the garden intended for serving poor children. My work then, would be to add inputs to the already successful, established work at St Justin in leveraging collaborative ideas from the center and then collaborate to; first strengthen the network of improvement communities, and then awareness creation for the marginalized children. Langley et al.(2009), argue that improvement is not a matter of intellectual ability, but doing a practice of what we want to improve. It is an endeavor of making things work in an improved manner. Improvement is not always an easy task. However, adopting new ideas for making improvement important if the system experience shortfalls. In concluding this section, I will definitely recruit people from where I will be working,

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