St Louis And Saint Louis

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The Saint Louis Man Throughout my six years at Saint Louis I was taught to become a Saint Louis Man. Saint Louis molded me. They have been teaching the students how to respect all their peers, especially women for over 165 years. Being a gentleman shows in these two traits of a Saint Louis Man, “Live the golden rule” and “respect all people, especially women” and also the life of my brother, Alika Pilialoha Fonseca. Outsiders look at those who attend Saint Louis as disrespectful and they do not know how to treat women properly; however, Saint Louis prepares the men of Kalaepohaku to be gentlemen to all people especially women in college and the workforce. The character of a Saint Louis Man are instilled into our everyday lives from school, to the real world and ongoing into our life as adults . One of the traits that exemplifies respecting women is the golden rule, “treat others the way you want to be treated”. The teachings we learn at Saint Louis is to imagine if someone mistreats one of your female family members or spouse, wouldnʻt you be furious? So donʻt go out to make other people have that feeling. Treat your peers with respect if you want respect, everyone who gives the respect, deserves respect. “Respect all people, especially women”; this trait of being a Saint Louis man is emphasized to the point of knowing it like it is your first name. As a graduate from Saint Louis I can say that our teachers and faculty are good examples of living the Saint Louis Man
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