St. Louis Art Museum

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St. Louis Art Museum As Edgar Degas once said, “ Art is not what you see, but what others make you see”. The St. Louis Art Museum is a place for artist to display their art and give spectators the option to see art from a new perspective. This was the case for me. As we walked up to the beautifully structured building that stood so tall and wide, my expectations were extremely high. At first glance I notice the bronze statue of King Louis IX of France riding high on his horse. From this statue alone, my expectations of the art museum grew stronger. I have never been to an art museum before, so I wasn’t sure of what to expect. My first expectation was to see huge detailed sculptures right as I walked through the door. That expectation didn’t come true. Once we arrived, we looked up possible exhibitions that we could attend. A museum employee recommended African textiles. After hearing the title, I immediately expected this exhibition to have complicated and precise components to the tiles. African textiles are, in fact, made of wool or fine animal hair in a weave patterns. Although the exhibit was interesting, it wasn’t what peaked my interest. The St. Louis Art Museum has many intriguing pieces of artwork, but my eyes seemed to navigate towards Thomas Cole’s pieces. Research has shown that Thomas Cole was best known for his landscape art, but through the portal of America’s wilderness and it’s association of God. Nature, human life, and mortality were the key viewpoints
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