St. Louis Catholic School

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When driving past the modest copper bricked building topped with a bulky black roof, one might only see it as just a school for children; however, there is so much more to it than what meets the eye. The large black cross that clings to the front entrance wall suggests to its visitants the school’s religious affiliation which is further evidenced by the name “St. Louis” in slate black lettering on the wall parallel to it. St. Louis Catholic School was established in 1964 in Princeton, Illinois as a pre-school through eighth grade elementary school and is still today. It remains the only Catholic elementary school in Bureau Country, making it unique to the area. Although the class sizes tend to be small with regards to the quantity of students, the many experiences that the school provides including the encouragement of creativity, providing a friendly and comfortable classroom environment and the stress on the formation of a loving community live with the students for the majority of their lives. St. Louis, as a school, provides children with the opportunity to be as imaginative as they can possibly be. This imaginative spirit is observed by the effulgently colorful pictures created by the fictive minds of the students, starring center stage on the windows that wrapped themselves tightly around the school like a bow on a package. Next to the building lies a lengthy plot of land. On it resides a flamboyantly colored playground set which lures adventurous children in to
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