St. Louis Childrens Museum Research Paper

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Have you ever heard of the St.Louis Children's Museum? It is awesome and plus you will never see anything like it. It is a big climbing area made out of recycled metal scraps, a plane on top and everything you could wish for as a 10 year old kid. I mean when you were 10 tell me you didn't want to climb on everything you saw and you could do exactly that at the St.Louis Children's Museum! It was heaven! So my brother who was 6 and I went off to the races.

First we went straight for the plane. All we could see from the inside was tube like metal rods, a metal small house and the plane! It was so far away and so high up. So it didn't help that I was kinda afraid of heights. But when I look back down to find my brother Justin he was already running over to climb the first of many 2ft in diameter
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There was to two ways one way was a giant slide to get down to the ground level or up towards the plane. So we start on the path to the plane. This is the same metal rod tube environment, but this one is like the body of a snake twisting side to side. This one is surprisingly still like the same difficulty as the last one because instead of just going in circles though you have to constantly change you body position especially in a very small tube like environment. But by now we had made some serious progress. They was only only one part left The Stairs. It was fulfillment we had reach the plane! It was an old, maybe abandoned plane that was for like two to four people. It was still really cool though you could go in the pilot seat a act like you're flying the plane. It felt for were flying it because it was so high up and preciously on top balancing half on half off. So it looked like you were actually flying. It was all a ten year old could wish for! So now we went back down to go back home it was such a fun day and we didn't even get to half the
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