St. Lucy 's Home For Girls Raised By Wolves Is A Short Story Written By Karen Russell

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St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves is a short story written by Karen Russell. The short story tells a fable about three sisters who were originally born and raised by werewolf parents and a werewolf associated community, and how they were sent to a school in order for them to become more civilized, thereby, they were considered as outcasts. The narrator of the story happens to be the second of the three sisters, Claudette. Claudette says, “They had ostracized the local wolves by having human children” (Russell 238). This quote illustrates that Claudette is implying that their parents were considered as outcasts in their own community for giving birth to children that look nothing like werewolves and look more like humans instead. The girls were sent to St. Lucy’s, because the nuns said they would teach them how to act like humans and become “Naturalized citizens of human Society” (Russell 238). The girls’ parents felt it was a good idea for the girls to learn how to behave as humans in order for them to be able to coexist in both the human community and the werewolf community. However, the short story operates as an allegory about the importance of being able to live in a society and know its expectations, as well as an allegory that emphasizes the tragedy of what is lost when one eventually gets acquainted and conforms to modern societal norms and expectations. Firstly, the short story speaks strongly about what the expectations that is required from someone

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