St Luke's Memorial Hospital

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Patient Lives Matter Patients are our top priority here at Saint Luke’s Memorial Hospital in which it is important to always identify means of ensuring patients’ safety. A new initiative that I would like to propose concerning patient safety is fall prevention, as important as hand hygiene and medication administration is we are having issues in this area that needs to be addressed with the utmost attention. As the administrator for Saint Luke’s, I, Lunese Boco, make it my duty to keep all patients safe and out of harm’s way. We pride ourselves on providing the best services here are Saint Luke’s Memorial Hospital therefore it is vital that we implement a patient fall prevention program along with a firm policy concerning patient falls. It is imperative that all patients leave our facility healthier than how they entered because of our excellent service and dedication to each and every patient. All populations in the hospital setting can be affected by a fall from an infant to an elderly adult. There is no universal definition for “fall” in which Joint Commission and others define a “fall” as unintentional unplanned descent with or without assistance of another person to the floor with or without injury (Rowe, 2012). Falls are anticipated or unanticipated due to various risk factors or due to environmental influences. The American Nurses Association determines that in all aspects of physiological or environmental situations and with injury or not a descent to the floor is

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