St. Mary 's Hospital

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At Saint Mary’s hospital I got to observe an aneurysm clipping. The patient was a fifty-four year-old male. He weighed 77.1 kilograms and had no allergies known. Also, his history included chronic alcohol and nicotine abuse. He was not on any medications at home. On the afternoon of March 6, this patient was taken by ambulance to the emergency room, in Austin. He was having a severe headache, then suddenly had a seizure and developed Todd’s paralysis. Todd’s paralysis happens after a seizure and is acute paralysis of the body. When he was having the headache he had tried to relieve it with NSAIDs but was not successful. In Austin he had a CT and MRI scan, where they revealed that there was a pattern of acute subarachnoid hemorrhage. He rated a 14 on the Glasgow Coma Scale. He was then transported to Saint Mary’s Neuro ICU for surgery the next morning. When I arrived into the operating room the nurse and surgical technician were prepping and getting the sterile table ready. They were also performing counts on the gauze and other tools. When the patient arrived in the room he was transferred on to the operating table and was asked his name and date of birth. Which demonstrates National Patient Safety Goal (NPSG), “use at least two ways to identify patients” (The Joint Commission, 2014.) The nurse and CST then calmed him down, he was very anxious. Finally, at about nine thirty he was put under anesthesia and the nurse anesthetist intubated him. He already had a catheter
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