Comparing The Gospel Book Of Sorrow With The St. Matthew

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Compare and contrast the St. Matthew page from the Gospel Book of Durrow with the St. Matthew page from the Coronation Gospels. What does this comparison demonstrate about the cultural and artistic influences exchanged in Europe? Do these images reveal ties to earlier cultures? Provide both context and formal analysis in the course of your answer while considering the production techniques required to create illuminated manuscripts.
The Gospel of Matthew was written in various cultures’ books, it would be introduced in a different approach depending on the time period and influences from the cultures tradition. Saint Matthew was an evangelist that was one of the four books that tells the story of Jesus. The early Book of
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The illusionistic brushwork denotes the bulky drapery folds that are wrapped around the body.3 Behind his head is a large golden circle that could either qualify as a large halo or a sunset in the distance. His left foot is slightly lifted and is resting on the base of the writing desk which highlights that this artwork is three
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