St Patrick's Festival in Birmingham

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Marketing-Mix According to Kotler et al. (2005), the term marketing mix indicates all of the marketing activities which are applied by the company for an individual range of services at the target market. The traditional instruments of the marketing mix are the 7 P’s of Marketing. Those are product, price, place, promotion, people, process and physical evidence. In the following paragraphs the marketing mix will be applied to the St Patrick’s Festival in Birmingham. Product The Festival lasts three weeks. During these weeks there are different events held for the whole family. Beside the different events the people are celebrating with a St Patrick’s Parade from Camp Hill to Digbeth (St. Patrick’s Birmingham, n.d.). The Parade is the third biggest world parade after New York and Dublin (BBC News, 15.03.2014). The city is hosting the event since 1996 (BBC News, 17.03.2014). Price The events are mostly for free. However some events costs money for example the Irish Music Night or the Festival Launch. But the events are charged because the organizers have to cover their costs. The Irish Music Night is held in a theatre where the rent has to be paid for. Additionally the band needs to get paid. Moreover at the Festival Launch, the customers have to pay 10 pounds but this event includes a two course menu and live music (St Patrick’s Birmingham, n.d.). The organization is a non-profit organization and the festival is financed through donations. The Hennessey’s Bar is holding

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