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St Paul
This essay will examine the life and times of St Paul.
Paul the Apostle, also known as Saul and St Paul was an apostle who taught the gospel of Christ to the first century world. He is recognised now and back in the time St Paul lived is recognised as one of the most important figures of the Apostolic age.
Paul was likely born between the years of 5BC to 5 AD. Pau was a Roman citizen from birth, Paul and his family lived in the city of Tarsus. Paul’s family were strong believers in religion. Paul went to school at Gamaliel and was sent there when he was still young. The school was known for giving the students a balanced education. Paul most likely learned about ethics, literature and philosophy.
Paul was originally dedicated to persecuting Jesus and his twelve disciples around Jerusalem. When Paul was on a mission he made his way to Damascus while doing this, Jesus appeared in front of Paul and was struck
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Through this journey and all of Paul’s other journeys he preached God’s message and converted Jews to Christianity. In his first journey he travelled to Salamis and Paphos. Paul then travelled to Perga and then back around to where he started.
Pauls second journey he travelled from Jerusalem to Tyre, Sidon and Damascus. He then travelled to Antioch and Tarsus and then all the way up to Troas. He then travelled around to Philippi and then down to Athens, then to Corinth and Ephesus and then returned back to Jerusalem. Paul had 3 more of these journeys and throughout all of his journeys he preached God’s message and converted many people to Christianity.
Paul’s contribution to the church and how he shaped Christianity today was a major factor in his life. Paul travelled thousands of kilo meters to spreads God’s word and make Christianity how big it is today. He spread God’s and converted people to Christianity for God. He shaped Christianity to make it what it is today St Paul is a major impact to
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