St. Paul's Missions Essay

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Introduction/Thesis The Apostle Paul (formerly Saul) is responsible for the spread of Christianity throughout the areas of Asia Minor and Greece. Through his 3 mission trips to the region Paul created a base of support for the Christian faith and implemented a support strategy for future growth. The time period for his journeys was 45 AD – 58 AD. The story of Paul is interesting from the perspective that the man best known as the author of most of the New Testament started out as a devout Jew and despised the Christian faith. After his conversion he made it his life’s work to spread the Christian message throughout the world. To this end, Paul made several mission trips to the area of Asia Minor and Greece. Background The Apostle Paul…show more content…
As Paul reflects on his escape he starts to understand the need for reliance on another power (as in God) After this Paul goes to Jerusalem, meets Barnabas, and is introduced to the Apostles. Paul stays here for 15 days; during that time he preaches the gospel to the people of Jerusalem. For the second time, Paul is driven out of a city in fear of his life. According to Acts 22:17; Paul was in the temple and fell into a trance. God warned him to leave the city. Paul escaped to Caesarea, on to Cilicia-Syria, then to his hometown of Tarsus. Paul’s plan for evangelism led him to what was considered the “civilized world” of the Roman Empire, leaving to others the centers of Judaism – Palestine, Alexandria, and Babylon. Paul’s movement westward was from Antioch to Cilicia, Galatia and Pamphylia, Asia Minor, Macedonia and Greece, Italy, and Spain. Paul’s strategic plan was to stretch churches and the gospel from Antioch throughout the entire region. Paul’s strategy was to take his teachings to the metropolis areas instead of the smaller cities and towns. His thought was that his influence in these large areas would bring others that could carry on his teachings into these regions. As past history shows, Paul’s timeframe for teaching is limited due to being driven out of the cities by force before his work was completed. There were 2 cities where he was able to spend considerable time, Corinth and Ephesus. These cities were of utmost importance to him and were
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