St. Peter Essay

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Biography of Saint Peter

After Jesus, Saint Peter is the most known and quoted Apostle in the New Testament. He is mentioned 154 times with the nickname "Petros," "stone", "rock", which is the Greek translation of the Aramaic name Jesus gave him directly, "Kefa". The name Simon is the Greek form adapted to his original Hebrew name, Simeon.

The call of Jesus

It took place on a day like any other day, while Peter was doing his work as a fisherman, Jesus Christ is in the Sea of Galilee and the crowd is around him to listen. Jesus saw two boats moored to the shore and the fishermen came out of them and were washing their nets. Jesus asked to board a boat Simon’s
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Although irresolute character, he clings to the Savior with the greatest fidelity, firmness of faith and intimate love, hit both in word and in his deeds, full of fervor and enthusiasm.

The nickname of Peter put it by pointing out Jesus as the "stone" (Latin petra) on which would build his Church.

The position of Peter among the other Apostles and in the Christian community was the foundation of the Kingdom of God on earth, that is, the Church of Christ. Pedro was installed by Christ himself as head of the Apostles. This foundation created for the Church by its Founder could not disappear with the person of Peter, but the intention was to continue, and continued (as evidenced by the true story) in the primacy of the Roman Church and its bishops.

St. Peter the preacher

After the death of Jesus and his ascension on the feast of Pentecost, Peter taught at the head of the Apostles the first public sermon to proclaim the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, and wins a large number of Jews as converts to the Christian community.

Later, during the interrogation of two apostles, before the Great Sanhedrin of the Jews, Peter defends bold and impressive as the cause of Jesus and the obligation and liberty of the Apostles to preach the Gospel.

Then in as Peter in Jerusalem, Paul goes to meet him to know and the Apostle of the Gentiles refers to Peter as the authorized head
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