St. Philomena Loved God with All Her Heart Essays

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St. Philomena was born on January 10th, 291 in Greece. St. Philomena’s name in latin is Filialuminis which means daughter of light. St. Philomena’s parents were both royal from a small state in Greece. Her father was forced to have his daughter marry emperor Diocletian. “My virginity, which I have vowed to God, comes before everything, before you, before my country. My kingdom is Heaven.” St. Philomena rejected the emperor because she made a promise to herself that her virginity belonged to God. Because St. Philomena would not accept his hand in marriage, he forced guards to unclothe her and whip her. Thinking her wounds were irreparable, the guards chained her up in a dungeon, assuming she would die. Philomena recovered with the help of…show more content…
Even though she rejected the emperor, she still treated and loved her neighbors as herself. In spite the fact that she was tortured, she did not fight back, harm, or express any negativity towards anyone.
“Pray to Saint Philomena. Whatever you ask from her, She will obtain for you.” - Pope Gregory XVI. St. Philomena is known as “The Wonder Worker” because she has listened to prayers and requests. St. Philomena can help me in my day to day life by being an inspiration for me. She is a role model because she was abused and killed at a young age for loving God unconditionally. She can help me in my faith by looking up to her when i am having a hard time. St. Philomena did not give up, even though she was tortured. I can grow in faith with the help of St. Philomena and God by following their footsteps. I can follow their footsteps to be holy and faithful. In addition, I can be like the both of them by resisting complaints, because they did not complain about what they were facing throughout their struggles. I can be loyal to my family, friends, and God just like St. Philomena was to God.
I chose St. Philomena because I relate to her since she is around my age. I also chose her because when I was around eight years old my mom took me to a gift shop at Our Lady Of Peace that had figurines, prayer books, bibles, rosaries, crucifixes, and other gifts supplies. When we were there, I saw the statue of St. Philomena and I thought she was gorgeous.
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