St. Teresa of Avila Essay

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St. Teresa of Avila
By: Erin Jones

Teresa of Avila was born in Avila, Spain on March 28, 1515 as a daughter of a merchant. As a child Teresa and her brother Rodrigo loved to read the lives of the saints and martyrs. They felt that the martyrs got to heaven an easy way. The two children set out secretly to go to the land of the Moors. As they walked along, they prayed that they might die for Christ. But they had not gotten far when they met an uncle. He took them back to their worried mother. Next the children decided to be hermits in their garden. This didn't work out either. They could not get enough stones together to build their huts. St. Teresa herself wrote down these amusing stories of her childhood. But when she grew to be
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Teresa spent the last fifteen years of her life on journeys all over Spain visiting her seventeen new converts of nuns and fifteen new monasteries of the men's order. She also wrote several books about her personal experiences at different stages of her spiritual life Teresa died October 4, 1582 at the age of 67. Her body was exhumed several times after her death, and each time it was found sweet-smelling, firm, and incorupt. Her heart, hands, right foot, left eye, and part of her jaw are on display in various sites throughout the world. Teresa was beatified in 1614 by Pope Paul V and in 1617 the Spanish parliament proclaimed her the Patroness of Spain. Teresa was canonized a Saint on March 12, 1622 by Pope George XV. It never occurred to anyone to declare any woman Saint a Doctor until, on September 27, 1970, Pope Paul VI added both Saint Teresa of Avila and Saint Catherine of Siena as Doctors of the Church. In 1997, Pope John Paul II named Teresa of Lisieux the third woman Doctor of the Church. Saint Teresa of Avila is the Patron of lace makers, the religious, headaches, sickness, and Spain. Her symbol is a heart, an arrow, and a book. Saint Teresa of Avila was a normal girl as a child and had problems with praying and with making God the most important thing in her life just like anyone else. Saint Teresa shows us that anyone can work on being holy and anyone can enjoy prayer. Saint Teresa of Avila found that she was happy when she was praying and when she
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