St. Thomas Aquinas And The Theological Principles Of Faith

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“Better to illuminate than merely to shine, to deliver to others contemplated truths than merely to contemplate” is a famous quote by St. Thomas Aquinas. It mentions how giving others the full truth about what they believe in is the best way for others to be willing members of a particular group. St. Thomas Aquinas always believed that there is nothing more sincere than the truth. It was always important to him to make sure everything he said was honest, especially speaking about the Lord so it wouldn’t be considered heresy. As Aquinas grew older and older, he started to learn more in depth on why honesty needs to be demonstrated more in the world. This was particularly important to him because he was trying to combine the theological…show more content…
He was later transferred to the stadium gernale in Naples, until he eventually went to study at the University of Paris. At the university, he met John of St. Julian, a Dominican preacher, who influenced him to join the recently founded Dominican Order (St. Thomas Aquinas, Britannica). When Thomas ' family learned of his decision, his mother Theodora arranged for him to be moved to Paris. Though while he was traveling, a catastrophe happened. While Thomas was travelling to Rome, his brothers kidnapped him and returned him to their parents at the castle of Monte San Giovanni Campano. His family did not want him to become a Dominican, so he was held captive in the castle for one year. In the year he was held, Thomas was brutal to his sisters and secretly communicated with members of the Dominican Order. In addition to his kidnapping, two angels appeared to him in a dream and strengthened his resolve to remain chaste while he was in horror. When Thomas’ mother realized she could not persuade her son to stop joining, she tried to maintain the family name by making a plan for him to escape through a window. Following his escape in 1244, Thomas turned to Naples, then to Rome and met the Master General of the Dominican Order, Johannes von Wildeshausen. The next year, Thomas went to study at the Faculty of the Arts at the University of Paris, where he met Dominican scholar Albertus Magnus
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